Indoor air quality has increased in importance in recent last years, especially because people spend a substantial part of their time indoors, such as in private homes or in office workplaces, in schools, day care centers or other public facilities. The indoor environment of public transportation and public buildings (sports centers, shops, cinemas, theaters or restaurants) are also important.



Here you can find information regarding the most important sources of air pollutants which may influence air quality in private dwellings, and the possible assessment. Furthermore, the importance of climatic parameters and good ventilation are explained.


Offices differ from private dwellings by specific emission sources which do not exist in homes. Cleaning and ventilation will affect air quality. Air conditioning systems are a more important factor in this environment.

Schools and day care centers

Information regarding the special environmental conditions in schools and day care centers and the most important emission sources can be found here. The influence of outdoor air, carbon dioxide (CO2) and suitable ventilation strategies in classrooms is also presented in this part.

Effects of climate change on the indoor air

Global warming is not only a major challenge for science, politics and society, but also has a direct impact on indoor air quality.


Data & Fact Sheets

Climate calculator

This calculator gives you the opportunity to assess the impact of climate change on your personal environment and also provides you with further specialist information.